My updated thoughts on the new curriculum


My initial thoughts of the new curriculum were positive, as I believed teachers with new found freedom would be able to instill a sense of play and fun to children's learning.

Whilst I cannot speak on behalf of any other school than my own, I feel this creativity has not been the case.

Children are certainly not being treated as children.

Alongside the new curriculum began the new interim assessments and these guidelines proved more challenging than ever. Although these documents were not released to shape teaching, I have heard and experienced shaping what they teach to suit these expected outcomes, rather than the NC objectives.

In turn, children have been less playful and more stressed.

My philosophy (as heavily suggested in the previous post) is one of enjoyment in learning. But even I have had children in my class in tears because of increasing pressure and expectations.

I then, the same day, heard a child talking about expanded noun phrases in the playground! They were stressing about whether the adjective came before or after the noun!

Such language seems wrong, coming from the mouths of 5 year olds - especially in their playtimes.

This whole reflection has been enough to make me question whether I want to be a part of this type of education. I have already decided to look for a new school in hope they will better suit my philosophy.

I wonder, is anyone else noticing the stress of the new expectations on children? And I can't help but ask, which do your school feel is most important in this current climate?

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